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  • U-Mobility


The NEC uMobility solution is a sophisticated mobile Unified Communications solution in the NEC portfolio of Fixed Mobile UC solutions that extends the functionality and capabilities of the enterprise communication server to various smartphone platforms, such as running iOS and Android.

With NEC’s uMobility, users have the benefit of:

  • Single Number Reach Provide colleagues and customers with one phone number. When they call it, both a cell phone and business phone ring.
  • Unified Voice Messaging No need to check multiple voicemail boxes for messages. All missed calls, regardless of the phone called, ring directly to a central mailbox that can be checked from one’s desk or on the go.
  • Seamless Roaming Use a smartphone to easily transfer calls from the business’s Wi-Fi network to a cellular network, and back again.
  • Enterprise Dialing Use a smartphone to make station-to-station or external calls. Enter just a four-digit extension, just a five-digit extension or the entire number.

NEC’s uMobility also comes with Fixed Mobile Convergence. That allows workers to use their mobile devices on the corporate wireless LAN when within its range, then transfer back to their mobile networks when outside the range of the corporate LAN. The transfers never interrupt a call and calls on the wireless LAN never count against one’s mobile service plan.

By empowering mobile workers with these capabilities, uMobility will help improve productivity, reduce costs and give your employees the flexibility to help manage their work/life balance.

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