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Maintenance & Support Services

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Response Time

  • Non-Emergency: Service reply will be within 2 business days.
  • Emergency Service Request: For major system issues, response will be within 2 hours. Defined as of major system issues:
    • Main answering station is inoperative.
    • The first line of the main published number is inoperative.
    • More than 50% of the total telephone lines or extensions are inoperative.
  • If response time is not met by MTC, an additional one month of managed services will be added at no charge.

No Charge Service Benefits

  • Remote Customer Support (Help Desk) during normal business hours.
  • On Site Visits by an MTC Representative.
  • Repairs to existing wiring and jacks installed by MTC.
  • Replacement of defective handset and line cords installed by MTC.
  • Annual companywide label correction.
  • Voice Mail Programming for holidays and business schedules.
  • Recording of main voice mail greetings.
  • Confirm NEC Software and Update when Necessary.
  • Additional Training for employees.
  • When No Trouble is found by MTC technician on MTC equipment side.

Equipment Support

  • IN Warranty:  MTC agrees to locally maintain a parts inventory for all in warranty equipment in order to provide immediate service response.  This is based upon current supported NEC hardware.
  • Equipment OUT of Warranty:  MTC agrees to repair or replace major NEC hardware components due to mechanical defect or failure.  “Major NEC Hardware Component” is defined as cabinets, power supplies, circuit cards and voice mail systems.

Software Assurance

  • Required for Software Upgrades and NEC Technical Support.  MTC provides SWA administration services.


  • Labor performed under Maintenance & Support Services is waved except for after hour emergencies:
    • Emergency Service Request Minimum 2 Hour Labor Charge
  • Labor included in system enhancements will be billed as follows:
    • Minimum ½ Hour Labor Charge - (Non-Maintenance & Support Services Minimum is 1 hour)
    • Additional Time Billed in ½ Hour increments - (Non-Maintenance & Support Services Minimum is 1 hour)


  • 5% Discount on Hardware included in systems enhancements.

Trip Charges

  • Waived for items covered by the Managed Services Agreement.


All Rates and Terms are subject to change without prior notice.

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