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Music On-Hold

First impressions are everything to your business. Unfortunately, customers often find themselves listening to dead air when they are on-hold. So much for first impressions, right?

Not at all. Present your customers with a positive on-hold experience with a professional on-hold service from Midwest Telecom Communications.

While waiting, customers can simultaneously find out more about your company. Your sales agents may be surprised when waiting customers ask them about products they learned about while on-hold.

What are your customers listing to?

  • 70% of Businesses placing callers on hold with an average hold-time of 45 seconds.
  • 15% to 20% of callers make purchases based on information they heard on-hold.
  • Without messages or music nearly 60% of business callers placed on-hold will hang up.
  • Our Music On Hold Device is a MP3 music on hold player which can be connected to the external music on hold port of any phone system to provide messages to callers placed on hold.
  • The Music On Hold device plays audio files recorded in .mp3file formats.
  • Audio files can be easily downloaded in to the unit’s internal memory via its built-in USB port.
  • The unit has 32 MB of on board Flash Memory which can store up to 60 minutes of high quality audio content.


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Music On Hold: Example