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DECT Wireless Handsets

The Ultimate Handsets for In-House Mobile Voice and Messaging

Today’s mobile workers depend on communication tools that accommodate flexible workspaces and allow free roaming wherever they are: in the office, or outside of it. NEC offers a wide variety of handsets to suit every professional need. Whether you need a rugged phone for potentially demanding environments or an extremely sophisticated smart IP handset with a full range of features, we have the appropriate solution for your business.

Wide range of Business Mobility IP DECT handsets

All Bussiness Mobilty DECT handsets offer excellent voice communication: crystal clear speech, loudspeaker and hands free support, seamless handover and roaming, high security with DECT authentication, and seamless integration with features on the PBX platform. All DECT handsets have an appealing design and are easy to use. The DECT standard does not interfere with other frequency bands. Distinctive ring tones distinguish internal and external calls (or messages), and audible indicators inform the user about the status of the handset.

These telephones give your employees flexible, easy and secure communications as they roam about your company’s premises, while providing most of the features and functionality of a desktop phone. They come with mobile enhancements such as text messaging, alarming, programmable keys, and integration with third party applications.


Professional mobile handset with alarming, messaging and multi-line capabilities

Increasing productivity through on-site mobility. NEC's DECT handset G577 is a sophisticated mobile handset that provides a range of mobile unified communications, alarming and messaging capabilities to offer task management, staff/patient safety and very rich messaging scenarios in various businesses, hospitality and healthcare. This phone is the perfect solution for small to medium-sized businesses that seek an on-site mobile phone that can help employees make more informed decisions much more quickly.

The DECT Wireless Handset offers supreme flexibility, in that keys on the handset's base allow users to program multiple lines and functions into the phone. Its compact, ergonomic design makes the SMB Wireless handset comfortable to use. Its seamless handover between access points ensures employees will never miss a call while away from their desks.

Key characteristics

  • Provides many different call control features seamlessly integrated with the PBX
  • Offers staff in various demanding environments mobile interaction under all conditions
  • Valuable unified communications, including central directory access, presence and extensive messaging and alarming features
  • Dedicated programmable keys with LED indication
  • Intuitive user interface with colour display and icon-based menus
  • Special healthcare version (G577h) with anti-bacterial housing
  • Rugged design with IP65 rating
  • A single or dual charger allowing an additional battery to be charged
  • Personal safety with SOS alarm key
  • Provides freedom, comfort and flexibility to the user with options such as Bluetooth - or wired headset and built-in trembler
  • DECT compliance for high-quality speech and security
  • High-definition audio in line with CAT-iq

On-Site Wireless Telephony

NEC’s AP400 Series is CAT-iq enabled, providing wideband HD audio for excellent sound quality. The range starts with the AP400S, aimed at small businesses, that can be configured up to 10 access points at a very attractive price. Next in line is the AP400C, designed for small to medium sized businesses, while the full enterprise AP400 caters for larger organizations and networks.









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