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SL1100 Communications System

Smart Communication for Small Business

This unique communications platform is the ideal solution for any small business.


Lowers your cost
Powerful communications for a small business budget

  • High ROI starts from day one
  • Total cost of ownership lowered
  • An energy-saving green solution

Increases your productivity
Sophisticated solution, simple to use

  • Saves time with speed dials
  • Handsets with shortcut keys to speed workflow
  • Calls can be automatically routed to the right person without the need for receptionist intervention

Excellent remote/home office capabilities
Office level functionality from your remote/home office

  • 4 remote/home office options: IP Phone, SL Desktop Suite Softphone, Mobile Extension or uMobility
  • Provides greater flexibility for key employees
  • Reduces travel time and costs

Future-proofs your business
Value for your money and tailored to your needs

  • A scalable solution to provide optimum investment
  • Technology that can expand and grow with your company
  • Add extra applications when you need them

Improves customer service
A solution to help you effortlessly boost your customer's experience

  • Deal with spikes in call traffic more effectively
  • Caller ID displayed on handset to help you offer a more personalized greeting
  • Mobility solutions fro quicker customer responses from wherever you are

Simplifies administration
System features and applications to make management easier

  • Drag-and-drop functionality provides and error free way of building call groups and simplifies moves, adds and changes
  • Busy Lamp Field keys allows you to see the call status of your team

Stay connected from anyone on site
DECT wireless handsets keep you intouch with colleagues and customers

  • Provides wireless voice and messaging access as you move around the premises
  • Offers non-desk based employees desk phone functionality
  • Never miss a sales call; even away from your desk

Keeps you up-to-date effortlessly
Never miss a thing with easy access to key information

  • Voicemail alerts delivered to your mobile, desk phone, home phone or as an email
  • Call recording enables you to keep track of important discussions and can be stored for quick reference at a later time

Remain reachable on the road
Carry your office number with you using Mobile Extension or uMobility

  • Be in when you're out, with system features on your mobile
  • Make the most of your most valuable sales people, wherever they are
  • Excellent cast cost savings provided

Reach crucial business decisions faster
Built-in Conference Bridge provides convenient options for meetings

  • Effortlessly organize conferences at a moment's notice
  • Save on travel time
  • Lower hotel and fuel costs

To stay competitive in today's fast-paced business environment, employees and customers have to be able to interact rapidly and with as few barriers as possible.

NEC Corporation of America offers an array of products that helps everyone throughout an organization communicate seamlessly both with customers and with one another. The results are greater efficiency and increased productivity.