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Automated Call Distribution

Designed specifically for NEC's UNIVERGE SV9100 communications server, an ideal solution for the basic contact center that wants reliable customer service with few agents.

Designed specifically for NEC's SV9100 communications server, UNIVERGE SV9100 ACD is a smart, cost-effective automated call distribution (ACD) solution that is easy to implement and maintain. This embedded ACD's unique integration results in a dynamic tool for smaller contact centers.

Contact center supervisors program into the SV9100 ACD a list of member agents. When a customer calls into the contact center, SV9100 ACD automatically routes the person to the agent that best fits their needs based on pre-established criteria. SV9100 ACD is more sophisticated than Department Calling and other group services, since it can accurately distribute calls accordingly and judge the workload of each agent.

SV9100 ACD supports 64 ACD groups, 64 supervisors and one system supervisor. However, a contact center can increase its responsiveness by using NEC’s SV9100 Netlink to connect multiple sites equipped with SV9100 ACD.

Supervisors can use SV9100 ACD to track ACD traffic and other data in real time. They can control, resize, reposition and close each of the many data windows it displays on their desktops. They can also use SV9100 ACD to create customized reports from the current and historical data recorded by the system.

Additionally, SV9100 ACD seamlessly integrates with UC Desktop Suite to enable users to quickly and easily login as an agent directly from the UC Desktop Client. This integration allows your agents to take advantage of both SV9100 ACD and UC Desktop suite functionality.

Smart Call Managment

MyCalls provides your team with the tools to succeed in making your business more
customer-centric and more profitable. From call management, call centre management,
call recording and call activity analysis – real-time stats enable sharper responses to
fluctuating call traffic.

Want to ensure calls are always answered?

Alarms can be programmed to alert a manager or an operator when a set rule is
broken i.e. call unanswered for over 20 seconds. Your alarms ‘keep watch’ while
you get on with your daily tasks.
Reporting which can be scheduled or run on demand, including call costs, response
times and staff telephone performance – ideal for fine tuning your service levels.
Multiple office branches? MyCalls Enterprise gathers and consolidates call
information from all sites and can be managed from a single desktop.


Want to increase your customer service levels?

Screen-pops speed up workflow by providing caller information even before a call is
taken. Your customers can be greeted by name and handled more promptly.


Empower your receptionist

Presence provides a ‘bird’s eye view’ of your team’s availability. Individuals become
more reachable, enabling you to find the company expert quickly for that crucial
customer enquiry
Call History – Provides instant reference for all inbound, outbound and missed calls
instantly to see who’s called
Drag & drop call control – Easy call management and prioritisation
Instant Message – Receptionists can send an urgent Instant Message to another
employee e.g. an urgent call waiting or a visitor in reception